The Bridge from Temping to a Full-Time Position

Dear, Anita,

As a recent graduate, I opted to take temporary jobs rather than settle for a steady, permanent full-time job I didn’t like and in order to build a more diverse résumé. I have three questions. If I want to stay on at a company I am currently temping for, how many hours do I have to work before I can get hired on full time? Second, when interviewing with other companies, some employers like to pop the question, “Why temping when you can have a regular job?” I’d like a good answer for that. Finally, how do I include temp jobs on my résumé without looking like a job-hopper?

Dear, Pursuing Permanency,

Temporary jobs can be a great stepping stone to full-time employment. A recent American Staffing Association (ASA) Employee Survey found that of temporary workers who cited obtaining a permanent job as their top priority, a whopping 99% achieved their objective! That’s a great reason to try temping – for those fresh out of school or for more seasoned workers still looking for a full-time employment.

The top reasons for choosing temporary work are:

Figure3If a potential employer asks questions that may indicate a bias against your temporary employment, counter with how your short-term stints made you more employable. Highlight the specific skills that you learned, and outline clearly how valuable the on-the-job experience was for you.  You can even throw out some ASA statistics from the survey to answer his objections.


How to list these diverse assignments on your résumé? Group them all under the staffing company, using an umbrella date range. Then, indented below, list the different positions to which you were assigned and proceed to elaborate on these as you would any other job listing (duties, skills acquired, and achievements or accomplishments while there). If you had one particular assignment for an extended period that relates to your future career goals, you may wish to break out that position and list it separately to give it more prominence.

To answer your first question last, each company may have different criteria for its temp-to-hire process. Check with your personnel supervisor for the specifics in your situation.

Readers: Have you turned a temping gig into full-time employment?

I’m delighted to be back as a Human Resources Consultant at The Select Family of Staffing Companies. Select can help you realize your dream of a full-time job. Stop by the branch nearest you to discuss your long-term career goals and how temping can be the bridge to a full-time, permanent position.

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