Great Questions to Ask During Interviews

Dear Anita,

I’m 72 and the first job I interviewed for was 2 years ago and I was hired on the spot! For those searching for a job, I recommend showing how excited you are at the interview, and that you first learn a few things about the prospective employer. It shows that you aren’t just randomly going from door-to-door!

Be energetic and positive. Ask questions like… “How long have you [the interviewer] worked here?” or “What is the best thing you like about your company?” That way you will learn something and it gives you a chance to compose yourself.

Interview_Question_000019402901Dear Spot On,

Congrats on acing your interview! Thanks for sharing your winning strategy. Many people forget to prepare for that final interviewer’s inquiry, “Do you have any questions for me?” Here is a list of great questions to impress your potential employer.

  • Do you have any reservations about my qualifications? (If yes, this give you a second chance to toot your own horn and change their mind.)
  • Can you tell me about the team I’d be working with? (Gain insight into the coworkers you would deal with on a daily basis.)
  • Who has formerly held the position? (Did they retire? Were they fired? If so, why?)
  • What is a typical [day, week, month, or year] like for a person in this job?
  • What is the biggest problem currently facing your staff? (Try to show how you could help solve this problem.)
  • What constitutes success in this position? (Will you have a fighting chance to flourish?)
  • What are the prospects for growth in this job? (Show you’re in it for the long term.)

And finally, don’t forget to ask the all-important:

  • What is the next step in the hiring process?

For even more queries, check out’s 45 Questions to Ask in Your Job Interview.

Readers: What is your favorite question to ask during a job interview?

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tiffany Lieu
    Jan 22, 2016 @ 16:51:35

    Oh, I usually go by the moment. It depends on how the conversations are heading. Of course, the questions that concerns me are easy to focus on as well as the questions that are related to the job. Company culture can be harder as you have to spend sitting through the interview and figure out the appropriateness of formulating certain questions. We don’t want to look like we are prying by over asking certain questions out of too much curiosity for example. Every interviewee has only so much time to figure out what the interviewer wants from them.


  2. Yvonne
    Jan 20, 2016 @ 09:00:42

    Good to know I can ask the first one instead of waiting until my follow up letter.


  3. Gary
    Jan 19, 2016 @ 10:32:57

    Could Spot On give more details about the position: company, position, etc.
    I’m at a similar age and looking for work to supplement SS.


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