Thanksgiving Joys


Whether you choose to spend the day with family and not darken the door of a single store (see the list of chains closed on Thanksgiving Day) or rush through the traditional turkey dinner to line up outside of the stores opening on T-day for early Black Friday specials, I encourage you to pause to count your many blessings.

Happy ThanksgivingWith a grateful heart for your continued readership,
Anita Clew

Readers: Will you, or won’t you, shop on Thanksgiving Day?

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  1. heather
    Nov 26, 2015 @ 04:33:24

    Thanks for the post, I am thankful for you and all of the people in my life! Have a great day!

    P.S: No shopping for me, but I must confess I’ll be indulging in cyber Monday!


  2. Bert Geer
    Nov 24, 2015 @ 12:07:10

    Well I’m going to make this short and sweet. It’s really nice that everyone is so happy around the holidays but there are some who are like myself. My wife and I moved here to be back with our families and to be around them before they move onto heaven. So we move from Colorado to California in March and we moved into my sister in laws and her boyfriends place, I was told that the Landlord was out of the country and I was to receive 3 months free rent plus I needed to furnish the house with all appliances that I would be paid back for. Come to find out that it was all a lie, they had squated in this house and called it theirs, I lost all of my savings of 6,900.00 on this place and then was evicted.
    Then because I have been into some trouble in my life that my wife, and my kids were not welcome over at her mother’s place because the husband did not want to see them at all. My family is the same way as I was starting to have a good relationship with my mother, finally after 12 years and then one day she tells me that my sister age 32 had hit my mother, age 72 in the head twice with a closed fist. I incidentally slipped up and said something about this to my worker and I guess she took it from there, now my mother said that I was dead to her and to never show my face around there again. So my wife, myself, and our dog have been sleeping in our car for about three months as our parents just don’t want to help out with a place to sleep, sleeping is the only help that we have ever asked for. So my wife and myself are not happy people at this point, we give our lives and jobs to come out here and get kicked to the curb, about a month ago we were both going to jump out in front of a semi, it just makes it easier for us, we were just 10 feet away from the semi and I guess we just couldn’t do it, I don’t know why we couldn’t. So I can’t find work here but I have worked all of my life and have always supported my family, but as I am 49 years old and health problems it is getting very hard, I’m just wonder when round 2 will hit, and I guarantee that it will happen this time fore sure. So all of you people that had the perfect family and your mad over a part for your car that costs 900.00 because you bought a BMW, maybe you should help others that are less fortunate, even inviting them to your home for dinner. But your probably stuck up, self center individuals. MAY YOU ALL BURN IN HELL.


  3. Francine Allen
    Nov 24, 2015 @ 08:51:11

    I am considering changing careers from Librarian to Medical Coder and Biller, since librarianship is getting ever more competitive, and i think medical coding and billing will suit my quiet, analytical nature. My concern is, in looking ahead to see what job-offerings exist in medical coding and billing, I’m only finding job ads which require at least a year or two of experience. How do I get this experience? Next Wednesday I have an appointment with a career counselor at the local community college at which I’m considering studying for a certificate in medical coding and billing, but meanwhile I’m still nervous that I’m again gambling on something which might be hard to break into. Any suggestions?

    Nervous in Metro Detroit


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