Job Hunting Blues

A reader writes…

I’ve got the job hunting blues.
What are some ways I can keep my spirits up and stay motivated during this difficult time?

Dear “Bye-Bye Blues,”

Chin up my friend. I know this is a difficult time, but as long as you stay focused, continue looking, and realize that job hunting can sometimes take a LONG time… things will get better.  Here are a few ideas to chew on:

  1. Maybe take a short break from searching. It’s common to feel even more frustrated when you don’t get immediate results after actively (and aggressivley) going after something.  Remember to be realistic. We are so accustomed to living in a fast-pace environment that when results don’t come in right away…  we don’t know what to do with ourselves!
  2. Use the time to join a professional networking group. You may learn a few tricks of the trade and even get connected with a potential employer. The more involved you get and the more people you know, the more you may be exposed to new opportunities.
  3. Sign up for an internship, do volunteer work, or take a class. – Now may be a good time to brush up on those computer skills, improve public speaking, or gain other knowledge that will help you professionally.
  4. Take care of yourself. Do the things you would not otherwise have time to do… like exercise, work on projects, or get organized. These activities will not only keep your mind stimulated (and your junk-in-the-trunk at bay), but they will give you a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Then, when you’re asked what you’ve been doing during your downtime, you can say, “I’ve applied myself by doing / learning XYZ, and I accomplished my goals.”
  5. Keep in mind that accepting temporary work is a great way to gain new experience, maintain income, and who knows… it may be your ticket to landing a new full-time career!  Get your foot in the door by applying online.  Ya never know until you try!

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